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Scrap A Car for Cash

Scrap a Car for Cash Eel Pie Island

Your number 1 choice for turning your old car into cash in Eel Pie Island !

Do you have an unwanted car to scrap in Eel Pie Island ? Then we can pay you cash for it!

Using our straightforward method for car scrapping, we endeavour to offer you the best possible value for your unwanted scrap car in Eel Pie Island and ensure that your scrap vehicle is removed and disposed in a legal manner.

Just one brief call to our helpful scrap a car for cash Eel Pie Island advisor will enable you to get started with your car or van scrappage in Eel Pie Island . You can call us today on 0800 002 9733 or fill in the form above to start gaining cash for your unwanted scrap car.

We scrap cars in all conditions including written off, SORN, MOT Failures, non running and unwanted scrap cars in Eel Pie Island and will pay you some cash.

The waste carriers that we use in Eel Pie Island are fully licensed and will complete the section on your logbook and dispose of your unwanted scrap car or scrap van quickly and efficiently, but most important, legally.

2 million cars are scrapped up and down the country every year and we can make sure that your car is one of the many cars scrapped legally.

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In the UK, the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association (MVDA) promotes the biological worth of recycling cars. Most of what can be recycled from a car is steel, with 98% of the steel in an average car being recyclable. Plastic is an increasingly recyclable component of the car, eleven per cent in the average car today. After plastic, tyres are the subsequent bulk valued component of end-of-life motor vehicles that deficiency recycling. The EU has gone so far as to introduce a directive that sets ambitious targets for how many motor vehicles ought be recovered for parts and recycled. By 2015, European places ought be reusing or recycling 85% of the material of each end-of-life vehicle. Apart from the recycling, the EU directive orders that motor vehicles be ‘de-polluted’ in the past the parts and the scrap metal are salvaged. We assist in this process by extracting pollutants like catalysts, brake liquefied, fuel, batteries and airbags from end-of-life vehicles.